You’re Invited to a Teddy Tea Party

What can you learn about planning from a teddy tea party? Well a lot actually; let’s envision our teddy’s party… Teddy bears sitting around a table, sipping tea, enjoying scrumptious cakes and cookies and chatting up a teddy storm!

Speaking of storm, this teddy party happens to be held indoors so not to worry about rain to ruin the parade for these furry friends.

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Now…let’s break this down:

Who: Ms. Teddy and guest are invited to the tea party.

What: Tea and snacks provided to warm their grumbling teddy bellies.

When: April 30th, the first weekend after hibernation at 1:00 p.m.

Where: Tashi Teddy’s @ 123 Bear Brook, Woodsville, USA (555) 321-Bear.

Why: Bears are very hungry after a long hibernation; Tashi Teddy would enjoy your company to start the spring season well fed and caffeinated. Be sure to wear your best hat!

Well it’s as easy as that! Here are the basics of any well run party: Who, What, When, Where, and Why! Then you put together a “To Do” list and check off each one:

1. Pick your date and send invites to your guests.
2. Make a list of snacks like cakes, cookies, and tea. Shop 1 – 2 days before.
3. Day of set the table with dishes, napkins, prepare your tea.
4. As your guests arrive, welcome them and their guest.
5. And finally have FUN!

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