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My Exile

Today is the “Big Game”, the big football game-a-reeno, the type of ball that is brown and pointy on both ends, not the round one with black spots.  I’m from the area with the most hated team in the NFL today.  There are only 6 states rooting for this team.  During the football season I like to post random questions on Facebook like “what time is the game so I can go shop”, or “is there a big game today”?  My friends either LOL or roll their eyes.

Pointy Ball

Usually I go shopping during football games because that means I’m typically the only person in the store twirling around in the aisle like Julie Andrews in the mountain top scene from The Sound of Music.  Not today though, places are closing early to let the employees celebrate with their friends and family.  Forget about going to the grocery store, that place will give me the hives today.  So instead I sit here and write this blog and wonder what exact day I will finally be exiled from New England. 
P.S. there will be a future post similar to this, but about baseball…