The Most Hopeful Month

Cut to an image of me flipping the calendar from February to March.  Here’s what happens next.

  1. A smile BURSTS onto my face and I proceed to make goo-goo eyes at my calendar.
  2. I back away and stare for a moment as my body prepares for “the dance”.
  3. Now my whole body begins to motion like someone just put “Groove is in the Heart” by Deee-Lite* on the radio and it’s right at that part, you know that part, when the song goes “POP, 1,2,3 BBBddrrrrr” 
  4. And, right there I realize that this is the MONTH OF SPRING!  The most hopeful month of the year!​

*Yes, I absolutely 100% put that video on and danced my bum-bum around the room