Hard to Kill …. Houseplants

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Here is a short list of some hard to kill houseplants.  Notice I did not say “impossible to kill” because with very little effort and extreme neglect, there is no doubt this author could indeed accomplish the actually “killing” of these hard to kill plants.  Cactus, which is not on our list is also hard to kill, but I digress…onto our list. 

Kalanchoe – I feel like this is something that someone says after a person sneezes. This is a succulent that grows colorful, bell-shaped flowers and withstands dry climates and temperature swings.  At my age, the Kalanchoe may also be able to tolerate my mood swings. 

Snake Plant – This plant is tough to kill and can go for MONTHS without water. If I got a pet Snake Plant I would name it camel.

Bromeliad – a distant cousin to the pineapple, this plant produces “pups” or side shoots that replace the older shoots. The Bromeliad, like my grandma, doesn’t care for a chilly home, so keep it around 70 degrees, or knit it a little sweater.

Rubber Plant – Although this plant can tolerate bright sunlight, it would appreciate it much more if you found it a nice shady spot somewhere in the house, preferably with an ice-cold salt rimmed Margarita. Keep the ants away though because they like to try and move it. (they like to move it, move it, they like to MOVE it)!

Air Plant – Seriously what could be simpler?  A plant with no dirt, just toss it into a container and every 10 or so days give it a 2–3-hour bath. It’s practically the same care as a teenage boy who likes to play video games with the exception of an occasional pizza.