SAVvy about Planning!

Hello and thank you for visiting SAVvy PlannING, I’m Stephanie A. Veiga and as far back as I can remember, I have been SAVvy about planning something. From my days as a small child arranging a teddy bear tea party to an adult entertaining friends and family at my home.

Over the years my plans became more and more complex. Throughout my career in the corporate world, I planned large programs for well known organization which included technology launches, marketing/communication programs, and training plans for 1,000’s of associates around the globe!

In the past few years I’ve taken what I’ve learned throughout my career and I’m now applying my skills to help develop plans for various organizations including small business, start-ups, and non-profits. I LOVE that I’m able to help out and make a positive difference using my passion for timelines, calendars, spreadsheets, working with people, and most of all my sense of humor!

SAVvy PlannING is about SAVING you time and keeping your mind relaxed about planning, or relaxed about life in general!