Hard to Kill …. Houseplants

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Here is a short list of some hard to kill houseplants.  Notice I did not say “impossible to kill” because with very little effort and extreme neglect, there is no doubt this author could indeed accomplish the actually “killing” of these hard to kill plants.  Cactus, which is not on our list is also hard to kill, but I digress…onto our list. 

Kalanchoe – I feel like this is something that someone says after a person sneezes. This is a succulent that grows colorful, bell-shaped flowers and withstands dry climates and temperature swings.  At my age, the Kalanchoe may also be able to tolerate my mood swings. 

Snake Plant – This plant is tough to kill and can go for MONTHS without water. If I got a pet Snake Plant I would name it camel.

Bromeliad – a distant cousin to the pineapple, this plant produces “pups” or side shoots that replace the older shoots. The Bromeliad, like my grandma, doesn’t care for a chilly home, so keep it around 70 degrees, or knit it a little sweater.

Rubber Plant – Although this plant can tolerate bright sunlight, it would appreciate it much more if you found it a nice shady spot somewhere in the house, preferably with an ice-cold salt rimmed Margarita. Keep the ants away though because they like to try and move it. (they like to move it, move it, they like to MOVE it)!

Air Plant – Seriously what could be simpler?  A plant with no dirt, just toss it into a container and every 10 or so days give it a 2–3-hour bath. It’s practically the same care as a teenage boy who likes to play video games with the exception of an occasional pizza. 

Tips for Dealing with Fear

Schnapp out of it! (Sounding like the Drag Queens on RuPaul’s Drag Race imitating Cher)

(No Drag Queens nor Cher were harmed in the making of this blog. Well actually, no Drag Queens, RuPaul, nor Cher have any affiliation with this blog, or actually know it even exists…)

I have a new obsession!  Well, technically it’s not that new, because I’ve been binging the show RuPaul’s Drag Race ever since before the 2020 plague started.  In my mind I am best friends with RuPaul.  We hang out, dance, I make him laugh! It’s a wonderful imaginary relationship!

I even have a list of women who I’d love to see played on the Snatch Game like: Carol Burnett, Vicki Lawrence as Mama, Gilda Radner, Lily Tomlin and Joan Rivers! At this point I know you’re probably wondering, “What in tarnation does this have to do with dealing with FEAR”?  Well, I’m glad you asked, you see my FEAR is that one day there may not be a RuPaul’s Drag Race, and I will have to go back to my boring normal life binge watching everyday programs like the news.  (Oh, the humanity!)

Is that a real fear?  Most certainly not!  I can’t see my IBFF (imaginary bff) ever letting that happen.  He’s having just as much fun producing that show as I am watching it.  So, you see, the fear is not real, it is made up in my head, but my brain BELIEVES that it’s real.

However you want to break it down, FEAR is very real in our day to day lives.  Sure, we’ve all heard about the fight or flight response, that old example of the caveman being chased by a hungry tiger causing an adrenaline rush (and the peeing of the pants).  BUT, when we experience that same fight or flight response because a beetle the size of Aruba is sitting in the middle of your living room floor (not paying rent mind you) and you imagine that it will leap into the air, then stick to your face like the predator in the movie Aliens, well my dears, that is not a real fear. (Sidenote: if that really did happen though, it may provoke a peeing of the pants for sure!)

If we look back on our lives, there were many times that we were exposed to fear and made it through the other side.  Sure, some of our fears are for real self-preservation, like walking alone in the dark, that’s when we trust our gut. 

Then, what can we do to understand and better deal with fear?  Well, I’m glad you asked, because here are 5 tips:

  1. Breathe – Just breathe.  When you are feeling anxious or angry, then just breath.  There is technique called Box breathing.   Box breathing is a powerful, yet simple, relaxation technique that aims to return breathing to its normal rhythm. This breathing exercise may help to clear the mind, relax the body, and improve focus. It is simply done by breathing in through your nose for 4 seconds, holding for 4 seconds, breathing out through your mouth for 4 seconds, holding for 4 seconds, and repeating up to 4 times. Go ahead, try it!  Right now, this very moment.  We’ll wait…
  2. Understand that nothing lasts forever, not the bad, nor the good.  Think back to a historical time that you were very anxious about an activity. Realize that it was a historical time, that it passed, that you managed through it, and came out the other side. When we’re feeling anxious or afraid, it’s hard to realize that “this too shall pass”, but it is true, and it will.
  3. Imagine the worst thing that could happen – then plan from there.  Yes, I know this sounds counterintuitive, but it works.  Let’s say I’m afraid of giving a big speech in front of hundreds of people.  What’s the worst thing that could happen? Well, I could just stand there on stage in silence and become so frightened there is once again a peeing of the pants! But the reality of that is unlikely.  I make a plan; I write a speech and practice it in front of the mirror and force my friends to sit and listen beforehand.  Now I’m more prepared and feeling confident.  Whew! crisis averted.   I feel better already. Working things out from the worst possible scenario helps ease anxiety.
  4. Talk about it.  Often when we feel fearful, we don’t want to share this with others because we think that people might think less of us.  This couldn’t be further from the truth!  In today’s society, we are encouraged to share our vulnerability with others; to show we’re human, and all humans have feelings we can’t control.  Sure, we can manage our body’s reactions to the fears, but overall, we cannot control feelings themselves, they will emerge regardless.  So, find a trusted friend, family member, a confidant, a co-worker, and talk it out.  They say a problem shared is a problem cut in half.
  5. Realize that EVERYONE is fearful. Period!  There are very few rare folks in this world who have absolutely no fear for one reason or another, but this is a very small minority of all the people.  Understanding this will help you manage through your fears.  Afraid of interviewing for jobs?  Do some research on the inter-webs.  Afraid of getting a divorce? Find that happy divorcée and go have coffee to chat about the process. Changing your mindset helps release the fears.  The next time you think “Geez, I don’t really want to…” rephrase your statement in a positive way. From “I don’t want to play tennis; I’m the worst at tennis!” to “I’ve played a little tennis in the past, and I’m still a beginner so I’m willing to keep trying and have fun”
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The Most Hopeful Month

Cut to an image of me flipping the calendar from February to March.  Here’s what happens next.

  1. A smile BURSTS onto my face and I proceed to make goo-goo eyes at my calendar.
  2. I back away and stare for a moment as my body prepares for “the dance”.
  3. Now my whole body begins to motion like someone just put “Groove is in the Heart” by Deee-Lite* on the radio and it’s right at that part, you know that part, when the song goes “POP, 1,2,3 BBBddrrrrr” 
  4. And, right there I realize that this is the MONTH OF SPRING!  The most hopeful month of the year!​

*Yes, I absolutely 100% put that video on and danced my bum-bum around the room


As Aerosmith once sang…

Good Gravy!  It’s been nearly two full years since my last Blog post, where did the time go? More importantly what have I learned?

  1. Blogging is easy, only if the words flow freely from your fingers and not just inside the barriers of your brain!
  2. People will drop you like a hot potato once you stop tantalizing their eyes with your words.
  3. Some people will actually tell you that they miss your Blog Posts.  To which I think “Holy Crap, someone was actually reading my stuff”!  Making me feel a little like Sally Fields at the 1985 Oscars “You like me!”  (Which I guess basically no, they didn’t say they liked me, really they could have missed me like an old molar that was sending searing pain through their nerves.)
  4. Time passes and there is so much more to share.

Well, my former and future readers, I’m back!  Back in the saddle to tickle your funny bone, provide somewhat irrelevant information, and in some case bore you to tears with pictures of my pet dogs.  So don’t say I didn’t warn you.   



All in Due Time. The more I accept that the universe provides exactly what I need at the precise moment, the more relaxed and humbler I become. Meditation helps solidify this thought process.  

I am grateful for meditation teachers who take their time with new people seeking this skill-set.  The practice of meditation has become a life-changing gift for me.

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High Snow Hopes

In the part of New England where I live we managed to escape the winter season pretty much unscathed this year, but apparently mother nature had other plans for this weekend.   That’s OK because right around Christmas time I bought myself a present, well two presents to be exact.  These two shiny bad boys were going to solve all my snow problems.

So new, so shiny

This winter I welcomed all the snow the clouds could deliver so I could impress the neighbors with my snow scooping skills. Oh, we had other attempts at snow fall this year, and I was able to clean up after one of the snow events with a broom and a single swoop of my arm on the windshield of the car.  This weekend however was it, FINALLY my snow day had come.  

Out comes the yellow shovel, my brain presented me with a challenge – I bet I could shovel the ENTIRE sidewalk in just one scoop! – Shovel in hand I placed it onto the sidewalk and positioned myself behind the handle ready to remove ALL THE SNOW in just one push of the shovel.   Two feet into the push, stuck.  Hmm must have hit a bump in the sidewalk.  Again, two feet, stuck. (swear word) One more try, one foot, stuck!  (creative slew of swear words because that’s what I do)

Then I tried the little gray shovel, I got about 5 feet of pushing snow before it slowed to a stop.  I picked up the yellow shovel again, maybe there were some directions on the back I didn’t read carefully before I shoveled.   Try again… Big fat N.O.P.E. No scoop for you! I finished shoveling with the little gray one. 

The yellow one I’ve given the name…. Big Lazy Sticky Yellow.   I had such high hopes for it, I mean look at the depth of the scoop, the curve of the handle, and heck it has not one, but two grips in the middle!   It is my belief that this shovel was designed for the beautiful people, you know anyone 5’ 4” and over, not for us hobbits.

The good thing about this entire snow episode was that I was delighted by the cute little maple leaf tracks that my boots leave behind in each foot print.  More snow coming on Sunday, I’ll give Big Lazy Sticky Yellow a try again, no doubt more swear words on the way!

Starting off on the right foot