As Aerosmith once sang…

Good Gravy!  It’s been nearly two full years since my last Blog post, where did the time go? More importantly what have I learned?

  1. Blogging is easy, only if the words flow freely from your fingers and not just inside the barriers of your brain!
  2. People will drop you like a hot potato once you stop tantalizing their eyes with your words.
  3. Some people will actually tell you that they miss your Blog Posts.  To which I think “Holy Crap, someone was actually reading my stuff”!  Making me feel a little like Sally Fields at the 1985 Oscars “You like me!”  (Which I guess basically no, they didn’t say they liked me, really they could have missed me like an old molar that was sending searing pain through their nerves.)
  4. Time passes and there is so much more to share.

Well, my former and future readers, I’m back!  Back in the saddle to tickle your funny bone, provide somewhat irrelevant information, and in some case bore you to tears with pictures of my pet dogs.  So don’t say I didn’t warn you.   



All in Due Time. The more I accept that the universe provides exactly what I need at the precise moment, the more relaxed and humbler I become. Meditation helps solidify this thought process.  

I am grateful for meditation teachers who take their time with new people seeking this skill-set.  The practice of meditation has become a life-changing gift for me.

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High Snow Hopes

In the part of New England where I live we managed to escape the winter season pretty much unscathed this year, but apparently mother nature had other plans for this weekend.   That’s OK because right around Christmas time I bought myself a present, well two presents to be exact.  These two shiny bad boys were going to solve all my snow problems.

So new, so shiny

This winter I welcomed all the snow the clouds could deliver so I could impress the neighbors with my snow scooping skills. Oh, we had other attempts at snow fall this year, and I was able to clean up after one of the snow events with a broom and a single swoop of my arm on the windshield of the car.  This weekend however was it, FINALLY my snow day had come.  

Out comes the yellow shovel, my brain presented me with a challenge – I bet I could shovel the ENTIRE sidewalk in just one scoop! – Shovel in hand I placed it onto the sidewalk and positioned myself behind the handle ready to remove ALL THE SNOW in just one push of the shovel.   Two feet into the push, stuck.  Hmm must have hit a bump in the sidewalk.  Again, two feet, stuck. (swear word) One more try, one foot, stuck!  (creative slew of swear words because that’s what I do)

Then I tried the little gray shovel, I got about 5 feet of pushing snow before it slowed to a stop.  I picked up the yellow shovel again, maybe there were some directions on the back I didn’t read carefully before I shoveled.   Try again… Big fat N.O.P.E. No scoop for you! I finished shoveling with the little gray one. 

The yellow one I’ve given the name…. Big Lazy Sticky Yellow.   I had such high hopes for it, I mean look at the depth of the scoop, the curve of the handle, and heck it has not one, but two grips in the middle!   It is my belief that this shovel was designed for the beautiful people, you know anyone 5’ 4” and over, not for us hobbits.

The good thing about this entire snow episode was that I was delighted by the cute little maple leaf tracks that my boots leave behind in each foot print.  More snow coming on Sunday, I’ll give Big Lazy Sticky Yellow a try again, no doubt more swear words on the way!

Starting off on the right foot